UV LED Electronic Chip IC

UV LED Electronic Chip IC


UV LED Curing Machine is designed especially for semi-conductor industrial. Most phisical of specification of tape coating on strip is better than the convention system. The wavelenght of UV LED is focus direct to the tape no more loss power and heat to operate as convensional.

In process after finished UV curing in cycle time the UV LED can off the lamp after finished curing. In conven-sional can’t much be time for lamp startup.

The importance of system is UV sensor “ ML8511” when the UV LED operate the sensor feedback voltage and curent and calculate by software and send value to Digital to Analog for control intensity of UV LED in stabel intensity. That mean every strip much be same power to curing. In this case if the power not reach the display show position of  each UV LED module on the screen.

The safety function in process we use laser sensor to detect jam strip betaween cassette and rail guide. Fiber optic sensor for jam strip loss in gripper. Proximity of cassette for  protect not in position.Safety door switch when open the door jam. and security 3 level for operaret in program.

After product finished to cure the printer print on the ring frame to status of lot,date,time to cure.


Standard Features


Loader cassette : 2x Cassettes or 1 x Cassette /Machine 2x Loader , Max 3 size of cassete
Cassette and Ring frame size : Design specialy for customer requiements.
Controller : 2x PLC “Q series” and 2 Touch screen “GOT series” Mitsubishi for Industrial equipments
Robot Arm : 4x AC servo motor “ Mitsubishi”
UV System : 2x UV array units,8 Modules LED UV, Wavelength : 365 nm., Power : 72 w./module
: Curing area : 100 x 320 m.m. (select area on touch screen)
: Life time : 30,000 hrs., Operate mode : on/off by software
UV Sensor : ML8511 the wavelength of UV sensor sensitive at 365 nm.
for feedback automatic compensate UV LED intensity to stable
Program setup : Curing time 0-999 second
: Curing power0-1,500 mw./cm2
Printing : Inkjet print real time production status
Power Comsumption : 220V/50Hz/ 9A.
Diamension body : 1500x1500x21500 mm. (WxDxH) Stanless steel ,weight :786 kg.


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